Our customers are clear about what they expect from Archura - Practical yet expedient solutions and value for their infrastructure investments.

Emmit McHenry

They want the expertise and commitment that will provide them control, not additional complications. And they want the benefits of competitive choices that are available to businesses today.

Since its inception, the goal of Archura and my personal goal has been to listen, very carefully, to our customers. Listening has truly defined our vision: to provide global telecommunications and networking solutions by applying an entrepreneurial culture with a commitment to mastery. Our mission: to provide innovation in telecommunications solutions that adds value to and enable our client partners.

We deliver on our promise through our commitment to very basic values. Each and every individual at Archura shares a strong belief in diversity and in our people: we are truly customer-centric; and our dedication to quality and innovation is what will ensure long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

With the advent of new, exciting technologies, as well as imposing challenges, this is a momentous time for the telecommunications industry. Archura is poised to continue to meet the critical needs of our valued customers, today and tomorrow. 

Emmit McHenry
Chairman and CEO