Network Infrastructure

Archura has a proven track record of providing scalable network integration and support services and solutions to enterprise voice and data network owners.

Our full range of services cover everything from project management, Analysis and Tuning, Network Design, System Configuration, Structured Cabling, Rapid Network Deployment, Moves, Adds and Changes and 24 by 7 Maintenance.

We provide these services in support of voice and data networks and network components, including (POS systems, Wireless Access Points, copper, fiber, hubs, routers, multiplexers, key, PBX , VoIP, etc...). This allows us to be the single point of contact you need for your enterprise voice and data networking needs.

Project management

Single point of contact to assure the success of enterprise voice and data network projects.

Structured Cabling:

Design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling infrastructures (both copper and fiber).

Data Center:

  • Engineering and Design support utilizing AutoCad and Visio
  • Material acquisition, integration, staging and just in time delivery to site
  • Structured cabling installation, test and turn-up
  • Network installation and integration
  • Ongoing operation and maintenance support

Voice and Data Networking

  • Network Analysis and Tuning: Performance analysis and improvement recommendations for voice and data networks.
  • Network Design: Capacity planning and design support for enterprise voice and data network requirements.
  • Rapid Network Deployment: Just-in-time deployment, test and turn-up of enterprise voice and data networks and network components.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

  • Moves, Adds and Changes: Physical relocation of voice and data network components or networks to support office moves and relocations.
  • 24 by 7 Maintenance: Nationwide 24 by 7 maintenance in support of enterprise voice and data networks and network components. This service is offered with 4, 8, 24 and 48 hour response time commitments.

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Supply Chain

Archura's Supply Chain Management and Integrated Logistics services and solutions help vendors provide turnkey solutions to our customers.

Remote Access
& Residential

Archura offers broadband service providers a turnkey solution for the deployment of high speed voice/data access services and solutions to both residential and remote access business customers.


Archura's Professional Services and Solutions allows our state, federal, and commercial customers to stay focused on their core business. For over 15 years, Archura has brought a commitment to mastery and a long-term vision that supports our customers' changing technology requirements.